Markus Burri

Managing Partner

Markus founded Go China Management Services Ltd. in 2013. He is a pragmatic professional with passion for business and China. He combines more than 20 years of global executive experience in various industries with significant China expertise, as he was resident in Asia for 8 years, but also in the USA for 5 years. He speaks English and German, as well as Chinese(-) and holds an MBA and a BSc degree.

His executive experience includes; chief leadership Asia for multinational industrial enterprises incl. sales responsibility in China worth several hundreds €MM, various BOD seats incl. Chairman of Chinese German JV in Shanghai, CEO of family-owned SME, interim management, turn-around management.

Together with partners, Markus also founded in 2015 Pulsar Ventures Hong Kong Ltd., a venture management company with focus on Sino-German SME cooperation and cross continent business building. Pulsar Ventures is at the heart of the Pulsar Competence Network - a comprehensive expert network in Greater China and Germanic speaking Europe comprising 50 partners, employees and associates.